Alexander Talk - Lighthearted, incisive conversations about the Alexander Technique with Robert Rickover and Eileen Troberman
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What did F.M. Alexander discover, and what is the Alexander Technique?

These are questions every Alexander Technique teacher and student is asked. In the conversations below, Robert and Eileen provide some answers you may not have thought of before.

Click here to listen to or download short, basic answers to these two interrelated questions. The "Marj" referred to is the late Marjorie Barstow.

Click here to listen to or download more in-depth answers to the questions which are appropriate for those who already have some knowledge or experience with the Technique.

Click here to listen to or download a conversation about why the Alexander Technique can be a challenge to define. And don't forget to enter our contest for the best Alexander Technique definition or description. You can submit it here.

Click here to listen to or download a coversation about the Alexander Technique "creation story", and what we can learn from it today. Alexander's third book, The Use of the Self, is mentioned as a prime source of information on this topic.

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