Alexander Talk - Lighthearted, incisive conversations about the Alexander Technique with Robert Rickover and Eileen Troberman
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Can the Alexander Technique help people with a chronic disease?

The Alexander Technique and Backpain discussion can be found here

Parkinson's Disease
In this discussion, Robert and Eileen talk about the usefulness of the Alexander Technique for people suffering from Parkinson's disease, MS and other chronic diseases. There is a reference to a Parkinson's study and the recent British Medical Journal Back Pain study. A comprehensive collection of all the scientific and medical studies about the Alexander Technique can be found here. Click here to listen to or download this conversation.

Plantar Fascilitis
In this conversation, Robert and Eileen disuss ways in which the Alexander Technique can help with the painful symptoms of Plantar Fascilitis. You can also watch a video of Eileen discussing the use of the feet in general here and read a short article by Robert on the topic here. Click here to listen to or download this conversation.

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