Alexander Talk - Lighthearted, incisive conversations about the Alexander Technique with Robert Rickover and Eileen Troberman
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The Alexander Technique and the Future of Mankind

Talk about a Big Topic! Here Robert and Eileen discuss a quote by the famous American philosopher and educational reformer, John Dewey in which he suggests that the Technique has implications far beyond improved physical performance and the alleviation of stress-related pain and discomfort. Dewey was a longtime student of the Alexander Technique and wrote the introductions to three of Alexander's books. He also included references to the Technique in his own philosophical writings. You can read more about the Dewey-Alexander connection at the John Dewey and F. Matthias Alexander Homepage. Click here to listen to or download this conversation

"Without the control of the use of ourselves, our use of other things is blind; it may lead to anything."
- John Dewey

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