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Robert Rickover and Eileen Troberman discuss all aspects of the Technique in ways you may not have thought about before. Inspired by Car Talk, these conversations are of interest to Alexander Technique teachers, students and anyone interested in learning more about the Technique - and are just the right length to listen to while engaged in "constructive rest" - or perhaps while traveling to work. Click here to listen to our short welcome.

We're just getting started - over 50 so far! - so if you have something you would like us to discuss, or would like to send us your feedback, please contact us. Enjoy!

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“What a wonderful fun resource! There is something here for everyone from the general public to serious students of the Alexander Technique. I have shared the Alexander Talk website with all of my students.”
- Lauren Hill, Alexander Technique Teacher, St. Paul, MN

"These conversations are a wonderful gift. I shared a couple of them with my husband, and after years of unsuccessful nudging on my part, he signed up for an Alexander Technique class. And he loves it!"
- Susan White, Public School Administrator, New York City

"I enjoyed listening to these conversations very much. I am recommending Alexander Talk to my students, particularly to those who are not readers. It provides a fun and accessible way to learn more about the Technique."
- Imogen Ragone, Alexander Technique Teacher, Wilmington, DE

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Discussion Topics

What did F.M. Alexander discover, and what is the Alexander Technique?

How can I use Alexander's discoveries to improve my well-being?

What happens during an Alexander Technique Lesson or Class?

How can I look after myself while using a computer?

Why is the Alexander Technique best known for helping with backpain?

How can the Alexander Technique help people suffering from a chronic disease?

How can the Alexander Technique help amateur and professional performers and athletes?

How can the Alexander Technique help you to have better posture?

What are some useful Alexander Technique books?

How can the Alexander Technique help with pregnancy?

How can the Alexander Technique help with wearing high heels?

What is the best way to find and choose an Alexander Technique teacher?

What is the connection between the Alexander Technique and Conscious Eating?

What are the Principles of the Alexander Technique?

What are the Alexander Technique teaching procedures, and how can I use them?

What are some of the differences in Alexander Technique teaching styles?

How many Alexander Technique lessons should I take?

Why do the changes that take place with Alexander Technique lessons sometimes seem so small?

How can I tell what Alexander Technique teacher training course is right for me?

How can Alexander Technique Teachers make good use of the Web?

How can the Alexander Technique enhance education?

How can the Alexander Technique affect the future of mankind?

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